Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the laboratory suspends the implementation of other tests (in terms of predisposition, intolerance and risk of disease) - until further notice.

About Geneme

GeneMe is focused on products and services related to the polymorphisms analysis and broadly defined genetic tests. Currently, it offers a wide range of research on SNPs affecting the functioning of the body, sports predispositions, food intolerances and diseases and oncological risks. The company's goal is to offer genetic testing products and services and promote the utility of genetic testing showing the application of science and advanced technologies in everyday life.

The company has several departments, however, two should be distinguished: genetic services laboratory and a research and development laboratory. Both laboratories employ outstanding specialists in the field of molecular biotechnology and have the advanced equipment for genetic analysis (real-time thermocyclers, DNA sequencer, bioreactor). The research and development works are conducted in the direction of improving and searching for new innovative methods in diagnostics.

Currently, GeneMe is conducting advanced and innovative work on new global scale technologies of nucleic acid amplification based on isothermal amplification reaction in order to implement this technology in mutation diagnostic and RNA analysis. This approach aims to take advantage of the diagnostic methods based on nucleic acid analysis and the speed and mobility of methods based on the detection of proteins or antibodies.

GeneMe offers genetic testing services. However, it is constantly focusing the research and development on developing new methods, products and services.