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About Us


is a biotech company based in Poland, operating in the field of genetic laboratory diagnostics and data analysis. We are an inventor and manufacturer of genetic tests as well as a diagnostic service provider in Poland. GeneMe’s research and development activities focus on increasing accuracy and reducing the time of genetic analysis. Our patented technology procedure allows for the development of any new genetic test within 4 weeks.

Our Founders

PhD Eng.

Scientist and entrepreneur. Manager of the Year 2020 in the Eagles of Polish Entrepreneurship Poll. Creator of a universal diagnostic platform for the detection of pathogens and pathogenic biomarkers.


Author of 30 original research articles, congress reports and patent applications. Expert in Quality Assurance, Clinical Validations and Creator of innovative personnel management approaches.

PhD Eng.

Expert in protein engineering, molecular biology and diagnostics. Keen on solving technological challenges and developing ideas into commercially viable solutions.

Quality Management

GENEME quality standards are certified according to ISO 13485:2016, which formalizes recognition of our competence to produce, analyze and distribute nucleic acids, in-vitro diagnostic assays (IVD’s) and applications. The company participates in proficiency tests. Proficiency tests are an important part of ongoing qualification/validation.

Processes are described in Standard Operating Procedures. They are reviewed periodically. We maintain a clean and hygienic manufacturing area. The processes are clearly defined, validated and controlled. Instruments are qualified. The requalification period is defined. Instrument-related test documents are archived. Changes that affect the quality are validated if necessary. In cases where the quality cannot be covered by verification, the production process is validated. Records demonstrate that all the steps required by the defined procedures and instructions are in fact taken. Deviations are investigated and documented. Records of manufacture that enable the complete history of a batch to be traced are retained in a comprehensible and accessible form.

Audits are performed to confirm that activities within the different processes correspond to internal and external demands, as well as to investigate the efficiency and suitability of the quality management system. Internal audits verify that the Company’s policy is implemented throughout the entire organisation.

Products that fall under the scope of European Directive 98/79/EC on In Vitro Diagnostic Device have been specified as CE IVD on the website. This enables us to comply with the general requirements and safety regulations of CE. Find CE IVD logo on the product pages as shown here: