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qPCR Detection Kit

SAVD (SARS-CoV-2) qPCR Detection Kit


SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes a disease called COVID-19. Coronaviruses, known for 60 years, are species of viruses belonging to the subfamily Coronavirinae, depending on the type, specific to mammals and birds. They are enveloped viruses with a single strand of RNA. The best-known human coronaviruses are the aforementioned SARS, whose reservoir is people, spreads by droplet, also airborne and contact, and its mortality rate is estimated at 10%. SAVD targets a single gene of SARS-CoV-2 (Orf1ab) and works on all current mutated strains.






1 × Nuclease-Free Water
1 × 4xMasterMix RT-qPCR Probe
1 × Oligos Set
1 × Positive Control


100 rxns


-25°C to -15°C


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Did you know...?

According to the latest WHO data, the number of SARS-CoV-2 cases has exceeded 662,445,150 cases, and the number of deaths has exceeded 6,704,827. Thanks to vaccination, most people who get infected have mild symptoms. However, the virus continues to mutate. Elderly people and those with comorbidities are still patients at high risk of severe illness. For this reason, many countries still require a COVID-19 test.

How the disease spreads?

The virus can be spread in tiny droplets through the mouth or nose of an infected person when that person coughs, sneezes, talks, sings or breathes. These particles range in size from larger respiratory droplets to smaller aerosols. Infection by inhaling the virus can occur when you come into contact with a person suffering from COVID-19 or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth. The virus spreads more easily indoors and in crowded places.

How the test is performed?

Virtually 100% certainty is provided by the PCR genetic test. The use of the RT-qPCR technique based on the detection of virus genetic material enables sensitive and specific identification of the pathogen. Genetic material analysis using our reagents is fast and accurate. The reaction lasts about 45 min. Ready-to-use reagents are included in the kit. It is enough for the lab technician to add each of them in the right proportion and the reaction is ready. Quickly, easily and professionally.

Why is it worth doing a genetic test?

Quick diagnosis will enable the implementation of treatment. Only by means of a genetic test are we able to detect the presence of the pathogen with certainty 100%. Rapid diagnosis counteracts the epidemic. PCR tests for COVID-19 are worth doing to be able to enjoy traveling again. A quick test will make it easier.

What can be done after the test result?

If the test is negative and the patient is still looking for what makes him feel sick, it is worth offering him tests for other pathogens. Knowing the source of the disease will facilitate treatment.