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(Fructose Intolerance) 

qPCR SNP Detection Kit

FRUCTIN (Fructose Intolerance) qPCR SNP Detection Kit


The ALD0B gene is responsible for production of the enzyme that metabolizes fructose in the liver. Adverse changes in this gene may reduce the efficiency of fructose digestion, which may lead to liver poisoning.




Fructose Intolerance






1 × Nuclease-Free Water
1 × 2xSNP MasterMix
1 × Oligos Set
1 × Positive Control Set


100 rxns


-25°C to -15°C


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Did you know...?

Fructose is a simple carb that occurs naturally in fruit, honey, some vegetables and the nectar of certain flowers. Many people in the world, more than 1 in 20,000, show fructose intolerance. It is a very dangerous condition. In the absence of awareness of its existence, it can lead to serious conditions.

Why tolerance of fructose is important?

Fructose intolerance is manifested primarily by ailments of the digestive system. The most characteristic symptoms of fructose intolerance to fruit sugar: bloating, excessive gas, abdominal pain, a feeling of fullness, swelling in the abdomen, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. Undiagnosed fructose intolerance can also lead to being underweight and a lack of appetite. In addition, the diseases that coexist with fructose intolerance are very often other food intolerances, depression, nutritional deficiencies or decreased immunity. Patients often suffer from hypoglycaemia manifested by weakness, drowsiness, and sometimes even loss of consciousness or convulsions.

How the test is performed?

The ALDOB gene is a DNA fragment that contains instructions for building a protein that enables fructose to be metabolized. SNP analysis using our reagents is fast and accurate. Thanks to the IFU instructions included in the kit, the technician can easily interpret the results. The reaction lasts about 2 hours, and the temperature-time profile is selected so that the laboratory can analyze several genes simultaneously using one device. Ready-to-use reagents are included in the kit. It is enough for the lab technician to add each of them in the right proportion and the reaction is ready. Quickly, easily and professionally.

Why is it worth doing a genetic test?

Many people do not know about the existence of fructose intolerance. They are looking for the cause of their problems. A genetic test will enable them to obtain this information. The study of fructose metabolism will give them information on how to eat, what drugs to use and what may await them in the future.

What can be done after the test result?

A professional approach to the client will inspire their trust and ignite the desire to learn about other genes. A patient who has a genetic predisposition to fructose intolerance probably has other genetic mutations that indicate an increased risk of other diseases. Without the need for sequencing, clients can access information about many DNA fragments that affect key parameters of their lives.