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(Injury Risk) 

qPCR SNP Detection Kit

RISKI (Injury Risk) qPCR SNP Detection Kit


The polymorphism in the COL5A gene is closely related to EAMC (exercise associated muscle cramping). The mutation in the COL5A gene is associated with an increased susceptibility to the occurrence of painful, uncontrolled muscle spasms. The SOD2 gene codes for a protein that protects muscles against the harmful effects of free radicals formed during exercise. The mutation in this gene is associated with a decrease in the level of the active form of the MnSOD protein and the body’s effectiveness in fighting free radicals, which are toxic to the muscles.




Injury Risk




rs12722, rs4880


2 × Nuclease-Free Water
2 × 2xSNP MasterMix
2 × Oligos Set
2 × Positive Control Set


100 rxns


-25°C to -15°C


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Did you know...?

The greatest benefits of physical activity include strengthening muscles, improving the condition and efficiency of the body, increasing immunity or reducing stress. However, everyone needs to pay attention to safety and the risk of injury. This applies to both sports enthusiasts and professionals. The risk of an injury may be multifaceted, some of which are genetic. Based on the work of scientists, two genes responsible for the body’s susceptibility to injuries have been determined.

Why knowledge about risk of injuries is important?

When we talk about injuries, we talk about EAMC. EAMC, i.e. exercise associated muscle cramping. These are painful and uncontrolled muscle cramping during or immediately after exercise. Clinically, EAMC can be recognized by sharp pain, stiffness, visible muscle bulging or confusion, and possible soreness that may persist for several days. Athletes often complain of EAMC symptoms up to 8 hours after exercise. Some EAMCs do not appear to affect athletic performance, in other cases, the EAMC can be completely debilitating. Therefore, it is worth knowing if their cause comes from genes.

How the test is performed?

The qPCR test provides information about the COL5A gene and the SOD2 gene. SNP analysis using our reagents is fast and accurate. Thanks to the IFU instructions included in the kit, the technician can easily interpret the results. The reaction lasts about 2 hours, and the temperature-time profile is selected so that the laboratory can analyze several genes simultaneously using one device. Ready-to-use reagents are included in the kit. It is enough for the lab technician to add each of them in the right proportion and the reaction is ready. Quickly, easily and professionally.

Why is it worth doing a genetic test?

Together with the result, the client will receive recommendations regarding warm-up, exercise and stretching. The client will learn what he needs to pay attention to exercises.

What can be done after the test result?

A professional approach to the client will inspire his trust and ignite the desire to learn about other genes. Without the need for sequencing, you can access information about many DNA fragments that affect key parameters of our lives.