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The tests have CE and IVD certification.
They are compliant with WHO guidelines.

SARS-CoV-2 isothermal detection kit

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What is FRANKD?

FRANKD is an isothermal reaction test that allows the detection of nucleic acids. In this case, we can detect the SARS-CoV-2 RNA in the isothermal reaction within 30 minutes. It allows us to obtain the results without the RNA purification step and we can directly test the sample which is collected from the swab thereby minimizing false positive results. It’s about 60 minutes faster than standard RT-PCR testing. What allows us to change our test into screening tests. On airports for example.

The fastest nucleic acid based test for SARS-CoV-2 to date

Results in 30 minutes

At least 60 minutes faster than standard RT-PCR

The unique method that does not require RNA purification

Very low probability of contamination

Works with any machine.

No need to use RNA isolation equipment

How is FRANKD different from standard PCR test?

The PCR test needs DNA or RNA purification. FRANKD doesn't need this step. It also doesn't need standard thermocycler conditions with different temperatures. It is working in one set of temperature and allows detecting virus RNA by fluorescent dye.

What are the details of the technology used in FRANKD?

In FRANKD we are using our innovative DNA polymerase. It is the fusion version of the enzyme. The fusion of polymerase was done with protein obtained from the smallest in the world Archaeon (super old type of bacteria) and is called NeqSSB. This protein provides binding to single-stranded nucleic acids. It allows the amplification to be faster, more specific and resistance to inhibitors present in clinical samples.

How do we transport FRANKD and what is the shelf life of the test?

All reagents which are used in FRANKD are freeze-dried. It makes transport very easy and doesn't need fridge conditions to transport any reagents or test. The shelf life of the test is one year before the test is done.

Why is FRANKD the best test to scale massive testing?

FRANKD is the best test for scaling up because we are the inventors and producers of the patented enzymes which is the DNA polymerase fused with the NeqSSB protein. We can produce it using biotechnological methods within bacteria which are genetically modified by us and we obtain huge amounts of protein that is used to do the test..

What is the virus material detected by FRANKD?

FRANKD detects the virus RNA so the same base as the RT-PCR diagnostic kits but it does not need to purify the RNA and need only one temperature to obtain the results.

Isothermal Amplification

Tests are based on Nucleic Acid Analysis

Easy to detect

Detection of virus using fluorescence dye

CE and IVD

Kits comly with European regulation standards


Test accuracy validated by Independent Labs

specificity 100%
sensitivity 97%
PPV (positive predictive value) 97%
NPV Negative predictive value 100%

Science behind the excellence

We use special enzyme for virus detection

GeneMe has developed, registered and produces diagnostic KITs for detection of SARS-CoV-2

All KITs are based on direct virus RNA detection in sample

Phusion polymerase of single-chain DNA Bst acid, a particle of nucleic acid encoding the phusion polymerase of DNA NeqSSB-Bst, method of its synthesis and application



Why do people need frequent testing?

RNA viruses (e.g. SARS-CoV-2) are very difficult to vaccinate against because they change all the time.

We can keep up with that change as we iterating the test alongside the mutation rate - so the more we test the quicker we catch the mutations.

Antibody tests show you have antibodies (so you are immune) but you could still have the infection and give it to others

Basically regular testing is the only way forward… everything else is not going to cut it!


So how can my business provide frequent tests?

You have a location that can be used for rapid testing

We provide you on-premise test analyser and test kits materials ... at scale

FRANKD can test 90 people at a time with 1 device and have the result done in 15-30 minutes

FRANKD is integrated with the secure identity system Yoti

Your staff can get tested quickly and get results pushed directly to their phone so they can instantly know that they won't knowingly infect others or their families...


Do I need a lab or qualified staff?

Trained person and clean space for the machine and sample preparation.

The machines are simple and small and can be easily installed on premises or in a temporary location.

The tester will require PPE and the test results are then pushed to the Yoti App for secure identity management.

The Yoti App is then used by your employees to gain access to facilities and creates a visual identity of their daily test result.


Why haven't we heard about this?

Frankd are not competing for the same chemicals (reagents) as everyone else - yet we are achieving similar results.

We are scientists not big pharma with a press machine.

We will be scaling up this offer to governments once we get to 5M tests a month.

We were able to move quickly because we already had a commercially available similar testing product and a patented enzyme which cuts out the need for lab based testing

Research projects currently underway

i-CLARE Intelligent remediation system

for removal of harmful contaminants in water using modified reticulated vitreous carbon foams – NCBR NOR/POLNOR/i-CLARE/0038/2019 Project value: 6 482 375,06. (IBMM, technical University of Gdańsk, Norwegian Institute for Air Research and SensDx S.A.)


"BladderDx - Rapid and non-invasive test for early diagnosis of bladder cancer" - NCBR. POIR.04.01.02-00-0018 / 18-00. Project value: 2.195.626,68 EUR (IBMM and UroScan Sp.z o.o.)


Consortium QUNNA - University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, Gdańsk University of Technology and the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine - QUNNA project "Nanosensory and imaging using quantum effects - synergy of glass and diamond for applications in the new biodiagnostics generation " - TEAM-NET Foundation on thing of Polish Science. Contract number: POIR.04.04.00-00-1644 / 18-00. Project value: 4.094.897,67 EUR


"Multifunctional composite material with antimicrobial and pro-regenerative properties for bone tissue reconstruction (GlassPoPep)" - TechMatStrateg (NCBR). Project value: 1.523.899,93 EUR


Our Research Partners

The Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (IBMM) is an independent, elite, biomedical research institution. IBMM's activities are focused on conducting innovative implementation projects.

IBMM has developed a cooperation network with numerous domestic and foreign institutions and is actively raising financing for ongoing projects. The thematic scope of IBMM activities includes, among others biotechnology, medicine, diagnostics, molecular biology and material engineering.

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